Regional Wastewater Treatment Master Plan

About this project

Detroit, Michigan has one of the largest single site wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the United States. This conventional treatment plant consists of primary and secondary treatment processes. Raw wastewater containing domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater and storm water collects at three interceptors and is pumped to the WWTP. The permitted peak primary treatment capacity at the time of this project was 1,520 mgd with a planned increase to 1,700 mgd. The permitted peak secondary treatment capacity was 930 mgd.

Major facility upgrades were needed to meet future permit requirements. The facilities designated for upgrades included:

  • Raw wastewater pump stations
  • Primary clarifiers
  • Intermediate lift stations
  • Aeration decks

Sigma conducted the needs assessment study to define and develop the planning criteria for a 50-year improvement program and to determine the treatment system capacities and process availabilities. The comprehensive study determined the current and future requirements of the wastewater collection and treatment system.

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