Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and Upgrade Program Management

About this project

This rehabilitation and upgrade plant program involved one of the world’s largest single-site wastewater treatment facilities, with raw intake flows up to over 1.5 BGD. The program involved five phases: Needs Assessment, Design, Construction, Maintenance Support and/or Extended Maintenance. The program objectives included the following tasks:

  • Manage and coordinate activities among existing projects
  • Rehabilitate and upgrade the wastewater treatment plant to a condition of long-term compliance with the NPDES permit and other regulatory requirements such as MDEQ, OSHA/MOSHA, and Clean Air/Clean Water Acts
  • Maintain continuous operation and regulatory compliance with all permits during the rehabilitation and upgrades
  • Support plant staff throughout the program

Sigma’s engineers completed work activities through all phases of the project from strategic planning to conceptual and detailed system and component design, system integration, testing and evaluation of equipment and systems, and life cycle maintenance. During construction, Sigma engineers supervised acquisition and procurement of equipment and assisted with start-up. After installation, Sigma technicians and engineers provided system support, O&M manual development, and training.

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