Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

About this project

This project involved the upgrade, replacement, and rehabilitation of equipment and systems throughout a large Water Treatment Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

The completed project ensures proper and continuous treatment of water flow, delivering a capacity of 300 million gallons per day. These improvements also allow the plant to meet existing and projected water distribution system requirements and provide operational flexibility during the season for high and low demands.

Rehabilitated and upgraded components included 48 filters and related pumps and HVAC, major electrical switchgear and power distribution, as well as pipe and tank cleaning and painting. The scope of the project also included concrete gallery and channel repairs, the upgrade of four high lift pumps with the addition of two variable frequency drives, laboratory refurbishment and re-purposing, and architectural rehabilitation to the building housing the filters and the related administration areas.

Sigma, as the Prime Consultant, provided overall project management and professional engineering and architectural services, strategic planning and analysis, preliminary and detailed design, as well as a detailed sequence of how to replace an entire existing electricPal system and phase in new equipment in an operating treatment facility, while maintaining continuous operation.

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