Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

About this project

The Water Treatment Plant, located in Detroit, Michigan, was part of a $52 million expansion program, which included transmission mains, a reservoir, and booster station. Dedicated in 1956, the plant was built to meet the needs of suburban communities located north of the city and has a current pumping capacity of 300 million gallons per day.

Water production requirements were based on meeting the maximum-day demands in the utility’s service area. The objective of the program was to identify process, mechanical, architectural, structural, and instrumentation system deficiencies and recommend prioritized improvements to meet water production requirements and water quality goals for reliability and cost-efficiency.

Under this expansion program, Sigma was the Prime Consultant with overall responsibility for validating an earlier plant investigation, developing the basis of design and detailed design drawings and specifications, performing construction administration, and providing operations and maintenance documents.

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