Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Sigma provides a full range of geographic information systems (GIS) consulting services.

Our geographic information systems (GIS) consulting services including: planning, design, implementation and training, and technical support. During planning, Sigma performs a thorough needs analysis including a business process review, a complete technology assessment, and a cost benefit analysis. Our design phase includes conceptual applications design including databases, applications, and systems. Once a solution is finalized, Sigma begins implementation of the databases and applications with thorough QA/QC testing, GPS data acquisition, and support of data mitigation, integration, and/or conversion. Sigma continues to support client needs through application-specific training and on-site / on-call technical support.

To meet the unique needs of clients seeking the benefits of spatial data analysis in local government, utilities, transportation, airports, and private businesses, Sigma provides customized application development. We assist clients with design and implementation of GIS applications to maximize use of their enterprise databases and information systems while also providing ongoing training and technical support to our clients to support their needs.

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